The Home Studio is Back!

The home studio is finally back in action! My home studio rig is setup with:

- ProTools HD 12 Native Thunderbolt
- Lynx Aurora 16-VT
- Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA
- UAD Satellite Thunderbolt
- Speck XSUM 32-channel summing amp
- ATC SCM20PSL speakers with Bryston amps
- Millennia Media NSEQ-2 EQ
- Great River EQ2-NV
- Aurora Audio GTC2 stereo opto/fet compressor
- UBK Fatso
- Analog Allstars EQP-1s5 SS-Pultec EQs (2)
- JLM Audio LA500 Opto compressor (2)
- Serpent Audio SP4001 SSL-style stereo compressor
- Great River MP2NV stereo mic preamp with a good selection of mics

The first project to be mixed was a great new single from Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Lynch!