Tracking is where your creativity and hard work combine to lay the foundation for your record.

I’ve spent years training my ears and honing my techniques to get the sound you’re looking for. I know how to get the snare drum sound just the way you want it. We’re not talking about useless tweaking; we’re talking about smooth guidance when the pressure’s on.

The studios I work in are fully stocked with the best recording equipment and solid backlines: vintage Neve consoles and ProTools HD, racks full of gear from companies like Neve, Pultec, API, Telefunken, Crane Song, EMT and Pendulum, tons of great mics, vintage guitar and bass amps, Wurlizters, Rhodes, Hammond, Steinway pianos, stacks of analog keyboards and Yamaha drums.

Whether it’s tracking a full band live in the studio, laying down the basics for your rhythm section, recording string parts or just doing some tasty overdubs, it pays to pick the right studio and the right engineer.  I’ve tracked hundreds of artists and worked with all kinds of music. From Marshall stacks and screaming lead vocals to claw hammer banjos and old time fiddling… bring it on!

If you want to discuss tracking your next album with me, please reach out and contact me.