A Little About Me

I've been making records for over 25 years under the moniker ValveTone. 

With producing, engineering and mastering experience earned in studios around world, my breadth of experience and unparalleled passion for great recordings puts artists in very capable hands.

I cut my teeth in the years before the digital revolution, and I am equally at home with traditional analog studio techniques and with modern digital workstations. My portfolio of work spans all genres, with a heavy emphasis on rock, blues, bluegrass, classical, jazz and world music.

In addition to well-honed chops as a producertracking and mix engineer, I also bring years of experience to the mystery-shrouded art of mastering.

I've also recorded a ton of shows and concerts on location, for clients like NPR and BuzzFeed and artists like Abdullah Ibrahim (Live in South Africa) and Christian McBride (Live At the Village Vanguard).

My full client list can be found here