When it’s time to mix your album, there are three things to consider: ears, years, and gear.  

Mixing is an art and it takes trained ears and years of experience to do it well.  You have to be able to listen to the small things without loosing the big picture.  You need to know how to get THAT sound on the lead vocal and how to get the perfect balance between the kick drum, floor tom and bass guitar.  Years and ears…

The other kind of listening that is critical to a successful mixing session is listening to the artist and their ideas.  It’s scary how many artists I work with who tell me: “The last guy we worked with wouldn’t listen to what we wanted.  He just did it his way, and we hate how it sounds.”  When I mix your record, I work to achieve your vision.

My mixes are balanced, open and full of depth and detail.  I love bold, sonic statements and subtle, tasty ear candy.  I love blending time honored auditory symbols (a little slapback on the snare…) with bold new sounds and methods.

So let’s talk gear.  My mixing style is a unique hybrid of old and new technology. Sure, I use the latest ProTools HD systems.  But I run it through a vintage Neve console.  Yeah, I have the latest plugins, but I couple them with EMT plate, AKG spring and Bricasti reverbs, Neve, GML, Great River and Manley EQs, compressors by API, Pendulum, GML, Dangerous and Rockruepel. Old meets new…and it sounds so good!

If you want to discuss mixing your next album with me, please reach out and contact me.