The ValveTone Reel

These are some of my favorite things! I've made a lot of fun records and these are some of the most memorable.  

Jimmy Galloway - Tarheel Traveler

I produced and engineered this album in studios around the world over the span of two years.  Jimmy is a master of all things with strings.  He was joined by a stellar crew of drummers, percussionists and keyboardists on what I feel is his most impressive release to date.  I've known Jimmy for many years and I'm sure we will team up on cool records for many more.

Kristin Mueller - Deserts & Long Trails

I produced and recorded this album with my good friend Kristin in 2014.  Kristin is an amazing songwriter, drummer, guitarist and vocalist.  A legion of top NYC musicians came together to make this happen!  This was the very definition of a labor of love.

Aye Aye Rabbit

Many moons ago a trio of mad people descended on my studio to make an improvisational masterpiece. Greg Saunier (drums/organ/vocals) from Deerhoof, Indigo Street (guitar/vocals) from Jolie Holland, Yoko Ono, Jeffrey Lewis and Shahzad Ismaily and Ed Pastorini (electric piano/casio/piano/organ) from 101 Crustaceans spent a day and a half tracking over six hours of live, improvised jams.  Greg took the tapes with him and created a stunning vinyl side for Deerhoof's Joyful Noise Recordings boxset.

Anoushka Shankar - Live At Carnegie Hall

This was a live concert recording of Anoushka Shankar performing with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. This was the world premiere of legendary virtuoso sitarist and composer Ravi Shankar's third Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra, performed by his daughter Anoushka Shankar.

Hopewell - Good Good Desperation

NYC indie-rock giants Hopewell were in my studio doing overdubs and mixing and mastering their new release Good Good Desperation for TeePee Records. Vocals were cut, guitars shredded and amps smoked. Tape delay was abused to a shocking degree. My Neve console may never be the same. The meters are bent and I swear I saw it roll over and cop a smoke after the last mix. Good times!

Common Prayer - Frame the River

Common Prayer is a Brooklyn-based, sometimes folk/often rock outfit led by Jason Sebastian Russo (Hopewell/Mercury Rev).  We recorded this album at Flux Studios and mixed and mastered it at my place.  Jeff Mercel (Mercury Rev) was on drums and keys and lots of kind folks provided overdub magic.

The Ben Holmes Trio

Ben Holmes is a trumpet player and composer based in Brooklyn, NY.  I recorded his band leader debut with this trio record, featuring Ben on trumpet, Vinnie Sperrazza on drums and Dan Loomis on bass.  This was an old-school jazz recording, all live, using just 8 tracks.

Cynthia Hopkins

Cynthia is a pioneer in modern theater and an amazing musical genius. I've done several cast recordings with Cynthia for various plays, including The Truth: A Tragedy and The Success of Failure (or the Failure of Success). Here is a track from each.

Ken Thomson & Slow/Fast - Settle

Ken Thomson is a master of the saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet.  Slow/Fast is his "jazz" group and is long form, theatrical and often intense music for alto saxophone/bass clarinet (Ken) with trumpet (Russ Johnson), guitar (Nir Felder), bass (Adam Armstrong) and drums (Fred Kennedy).  I've done a few records with these guys and here is a favorite tune from their latest Settle.

Bop Kabbalah

Bop Kab­balah is Ben Holmes (trum­pet), Ken Thom­son (bass clar­inet), Ty Citerman (gui­tar) and Adam D Gold (drums) .
This quar­tet is Ty Citerman's take on Jewish-themed composition-meets–impro­vi­sa­tion. The band plays far-reaching, kinetic, lyri­cal music that takes some of the lan­guage of klezmer, modal nigu­nim, jazz, rock and 21st cen­tury con­cert music…and then twists and recon­tex­tu­al­izes it.  I did their debut record which came out on John Zorn's Tzadik Records.

Steve Shiffman and The Land of No

SSATLON is a great NYC-based rock band.  I was lucky enough to mix part of their debut album for Tiny Beast Records in 2009 and have always loved these tracks.  Mixed at MetroSonic on their vintage Neve console, straight to 1/2" tape, the classic vibes come though loud and clear. SSATLON is Steve Shiffman (Guitars, Vocals), Kent Heine (Bass), dAve Hollinghurst (Guitars), Dan Miintzer (Drums) and Alec Ferrell (Guitar).