ValveTone Studios

It seems like many of the albums I love best were born during a studio lockout. The musicians had time to be creative and the creativity happened where it could be recorded with the highest level of quality.  

Now-a-days, who can afford a long lock-out?  So, musicians get creative at home and get stressed in the studio. ValveTone Studios breaks that paradigm for the projects that I produce. I can be off the clock, the sound can be rocking and the musicians can be comfortable and creative.

Better still, ValveTone is fully equipped for tracking, mixing and mastering and shares facilities with one of the best studios around, Flux Studios. 

The best gear, great ears…what’s missing?  You!

See some photos and a gear list below.



Console / Summing
- Neve 5465 16-channel console
- Dangerous 2-BUS+ 16-channel summing mixer
- Dangerous 8x2 mixer
- Dangerous Master mastering console

- ProTools 10,11 & 12 HDX
- Logic Pro X
- Tascam ATR60 1/2" tape machine

- Lynx Aurora 16-VT 16-channel AD/DA (2)
- Dangerous Convert-8 (2)
- Dangerous Convert-2
- Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA converter
- UAD 2192 AD/DA converter

- Focal SM-9 monitors
- Focal Solo-6 monitors (3) with Focal sub-woofer for 5.1 surround mixing
- Dangerous Monitor ST-SR Stereo and Surround Monitor Control System
- Dangerous Liaison mastering switcher

Dynamics Processors
- Dangerous Compressor
- Crane Song STC-8 compressor/limiter
- Chandler LTD-2 compressor (2)
- GML 2030 Mastering compressor
- Pendulum Audio ES-8 Variable-Mu tube limiter
- API 2500 stereo compressor
- Chandler EMI TG1 limiter
- Rockruepel  Comp.Two Variable-Mu tube limiter
- Empirical Labs EL7 FATSO
- ADL-1000 tube compressor
- Waves L2 hardware-based peak limiter

- GML 9500 Mastering EQ
- Manley Stereo Pultec EQP-1A EQ
- Dangerous BAX EQ
- Mercury EQ-H1 EQ (2)
- Empirical Labs EL-Q Lil FrEQ
- Neve 34128 mic preamps / EQs (16)
- Neumann W495 and HT75 stereo EQ / Filter

- Bricasti M7 reverb
- EMT 140-TS stereo plate reverb
- AKG BX-20 stereo spring reverb unit
- AKG BX-10 stereo spring reverb unit
- Lexicon PCM-70 reverb
- Lexicon PCM-42 delay
- FullTone Tube Tape Echo
- Solid state Maestro Echoplex Tape Echo
- UAD-2 Quad DSP accelerator

Mic Pre-Amps
- Telefunken V76m tube mic preamp
- TAB-Funkenwerk V78M tube mic preamp (2)
- Great River MP-2NV mic preamp
- Chandler LTD-1 mic preamp / EQ
- AEA RPQ Ribbon mic preamp / EQ
- Neve 34128 mic preamps / EQs (16)

- TAB-Funkenwerk Custom U47 tube mic
- TAB-Funkenwerk C12 tube mic
- RCA 44-BX ribbon mic
- RCA BK5 cardiod ribbon mic (2)
- AEA KU-4 hypercardiod ribbon mic
- Royer 122V tube ribbon mic
- AKG C412 mic
- Schoeps MK-4 mic (2)
- Tab-Funkenwerk KM69 mic (2)
- Sound Deluxe U195 mic
- Neumann KM84 mic
- Mercenary Audio KM69 mic (2)
- Sennheiser 441 mic (2)
- EV RE-20 mic
- Shure SM7-B mic


- Yamaha CS-80 analog synth
Korg MS-20 analog synth
- 2x Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
- Roland Rhythm-77
- Oberheim DMX
- Mike Lull Jazz bass with custom '64 Jazz neck
- Fandel "Hofner-style" 1970's fretless bass
- Gibson SG Classic
- Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress
- Prescription Electronics Vibe-Unit Univibe
- Analogman Sunface NTK with Sundial fuzz
- Howard Davis custom Big Muff
- Crowther Audio Double Hotcake
- Wilson Effects 12 Position Vintage Spec Q-Wah
- Fender Vibro Champ amplifier
- Emery Sound MicroBaby amplifier
- Radial Engineering JDV-mk3 DI
- Radial SGI studio guitar interface

In general, the mics, amps and portable instruments from Flux Studios are also available if needed.